& Meagher

For over fifty years, Thomas, Collison and Meagher has been assisting sellers, buyers, developers, investors, lenders, municipalities and other interests in a full range of Commercial and Residential real estate transactions that take place throughout the Southern Tier region of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

We recognize that every transaction is different and has particular needs. Our attorneys are assisted by experienced paralegals, who strive to move your matter to a successful and timely closing. A residential real estate purchase or sale can be a stressful time.  We believe by building a relationship with each of our clients, we can best serve our clients’ needs. 

Real Estate encompasses the sale, purchase, mortgage financing, refinancing, development and use of real property. The attorneys and paralegals provide assistance in all phases of a real estate transaction, from preparing or reviewing contracts, to ensuring "clear title", representing you at the closing, and in matters concerning zoning and real property tax assessments and grievances. In addition, real estate includes commercial development, land use restrictions, easements, and leases for both landlords and tenants.


We help buyers and sellers throughout the Closing process, from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the deed at the Closing table. We help review our clients' contracts and mortgage commitments, negotiate inspection issues, update or examine abstracts of title, and settle and attend the Closing with our clients.

Our extensive experience ranges from basic to complex real estate transactions, including:


·        Purchase and Sale of Commercial and Residential Real Estate

·        Real Estate Development

·        Bank and Other Lender Financing

·        Commercial and Residential Leases

·        Foreclosures

·        Deed Restrictions

·        Municipal Land Use/Zoning Issues

·        Easements/Licenses and Partitions

Title Insurance

As examining counsel for Westcor Title Insurance Company, we can also arrange for issuance of title insurance for both lenders and owners.   

There are two types of Title Insurance that can be provided during the closing process. 

(1) Mortgagee (Lender’s) policy of Title Insurance. This Mortgagee policy insures only the lending institution’s interest in the property from claims arising from defective title. Examples of such defects are forgeries, unrecorded documents, invalid records, and easements, right of ways, mortgages, liens and claims of ownership including boundary line disputes. The Mortgagee policy does not insure your investment or equity in the property.


(2) Fee (Owner’s) Policy of Title Insurance. A Fee Policy of Title Insurance will pay for defending against any lawsuit attacking the title as insured, and will either clear up title problems or pay the insured's losses. A Fee Policy of Title Insurance policy remains in effect as long as the insured, or the insured's heirs, retain an interest in the property, or have any obligations under a warranty in any conveyance of it. Fee (Owner's) Policy of Title Insurance, issued simultaneously with a Mortgagee policy, is the best title insurance value a property owner can get.

Thomas, Collison & Meagher are agents for Westcor Title Insurance Corporation as it's title insurance underwriter. We can assist our clients in obtaining a mortgage title insurance policy that is required by the lender and an owner's title insurance policy for themselves. We also conduct our own title searches in house to expedite the closing process.

Title insurance premiums are regulated by New York State. To view current title insurance rates, please visit

Limited Liability Company

We regularly counsel and assist clients who desire to form limited liability companies and other entities for real estate ventures and financing, including advice on the business and tax implications of such entities, the mechanics of their formation and operations, and the maintenance of proper records for such entities.

Financial Lender Representation

We regularly advise and represent lenders in finance transactions secured by mortgages on both residential and commercial real estate. We also have experience in all issues relevant to commercial real estate finance.

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